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App Design & Planning

Delivering complete mobile app development services for iOS, Android OS, and Windows Phone, HubFuel focuses on bringing your vision to life utilizing a native or hybrid design and development for all devices including iPhone, iPad, Pixel, and more.

Our App development process is cutting edge utilizing recent certifications in Agile (Scrum) and training DevOps. Our teams are staffed with experts in the industry to bring you a comprehensive team approach staffed with Project Managers, Develops and Quality Assurance analysts. We are your one stop shop for mobile app development.

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With HubFuel our Mobile Development teams provide many countless advantages to your product creation process. Such as; Intuitive design concepts, secure back-end structure that matches your business objectives, requirements, and expectations. Scalable concepts that allow for lower cost of a Minimum Viable Product, but every ability to grow the application as your business grows. Simple and client friendly maintenance, we handle it all for you! Allowing for you to grow the business. 100% transparency during development and launch of the application regardless of the product version. We pride ourselves on customer service from day 1.

With over 25 years of combined experience in mobile software development, we work intimately with our clients in order to establish the true need for their application and bring a cutting edge product to life.


HubFuel provides our clients a full compliment of resources starting day 1. We provided you highly trained and experienced Project Managers that pride themselves on getting to the bottom line of your needs for your mobile application. We are able to translate those needs into deliverable phases of a project and provide our clients consistent progress updates to know what they are paying for every step of the way.

Utilizing Agile and DevOps approaches to development, each project follows an iterative process with pre-determined sprint cycles based on the deliverable milestones. This allows clients more frequent communication and feedback throughout the entire development process. This process allows for a client to be 100% satisfied upon delivery.

Apple IOS

Developing for the Apple world puts your product in the hands of one of the world’s most popular brands. Utilizing an open-source programming language (Swift), and unmatched security and reliability, iOS is a powerful native option.

Swift development, enables your application to easily be integrated with all of the FREE features that Apple's developers have provided in the most up to date iOS. As the Apple evolves, Swift allows developers access to those new features in order to build powerful & highly scalable code bases to power an updated and highly effective mobile app.


As one of the most widely supported mobile operating systems, Android grants access to a wide range of users, devices, and development capabilities. The ability to leverage native features like Google’s powerful suite of tools and countless Java software libraries empowers your app with increased functionality.

As a result, Android applications written in Java apps can include a wide variety of functionality using pre-existing code.

Windows Phone

Native applications for Windows Phone are written in Visual C++, an established and highly used programming language. This language provides developers the ability to utilize all hardware functions, giving apps nearly endless control of the device’s low-level hardware and allows for an application stand out as unique.

A powerful aspect of Windows Mobile is that Windows allows for applications to transition between devices easily as Windows is a highly used software package. This makes your application easily transferable and provides additional options for your business.

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